Rapid Fire Brigade


Rapid Fire Brigade

Got the reflexes of a squid on espresso? Dive into our retro chaos! Shoot, laugh, repeat. Old-school arcade with a fluffin' attitude.

Slice + Dice


Throw knives and don't fluff up! Test your nerves and your aim in this blade-tastic bonanza.



Fruit Swipe

Swipe fruits, avoid chaos, and whatever you do, don't mix the berries! It's berry-fluffin' addictive!

Fruit Swipe Mania

About Us

The Squid-Squad 🦑

Welcome to the wild waters of Fluffy Squid Studio, where we don't give a fluff about playing it safe!You're probably wondering, "Who the fluff are these folks?" Here's the ink-drop:* We believe if a game doesn't make you shout "Oh, squid!" in surprise or "Fluffin' genius!" in admiration, then we need to toss it back in the water and fish for better ideas.
* We might ruffle a few tentacles along the way, but hey, the best squids never played by the ocean rules!
Our slightly-salty manifesto:* Dive headfirst or don't bother. We're here for the deep-end fun.
* If you're not up for a sprinkle of ink-sanity, maybe you belong in the kiddie pool.
* Expect the unpredictable. With us, you never know when you'll get squirted with a burst of gaming brilliance.
Got the guts to tackle our tidal wave of games? Strap on your flippers and dive in! And for the faint-hearted, well... maybe stick to floating on the surface.For the daring adventurers, prepare for the deep dive of your life!

Now, we might be the cheeky squids making waves in the gaming ocean, but our real firepower lies in our secret weapon. A Fiverr Pro vetted Senior Unity Game Developer with over a decade under his belt, @crwingate has swum with the big fish, from Zenimax Online Studios and Big Red Button Entertainment to BreakAway Games. You name the game type - MOBAs, real-time strategies, card games, races - this maestro has inked it.Specializing in Unity and a master of C#, he ensures every pixel you see and every chuckle you have comes from the best practices in game development. How do we manage to bring you such fluffin' unique gameplay? It's all thanks to the man who knows how to get the most bang for our buck.Want to reel in some of his game-dev magic for your own project? Don’t just float there! Check his Fiverr profile and see where the real magic happens.

Fluffy Squid Studio Privacy Notice

We at Fluffy Squid Studio appreciate your trust in us, and we're deeply committed to respecting your privacy. By downloading or playing our games, you consent to the terms laid out in this privacy notice, which is also an integral component of our Terms of Use.To Our Young Gamers: Stay smart and safe online! Always seek permission from a parent or guardian before sharing any personal information. Refrain from providing photos, names, email addresses, home locations, school details, or any data that might allow someone to contact you, whether online or offline.Parents and guardians: For competitions or events we might hold, please ensure your children get your approval before participating.We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of minors using our Services. We urge parents and guardians to monitor their children's online activities actively. Kindly refer below to our section on children’s privacy and our Child Safe Apps initiative.1. Information We Collect1.1 Direct Information:
We collect information you directly provide to us when you:
Download, update, or play our games;
Engage with us across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord;
Interact on our website;
Subscribe to newsletters;
Make purchases in-app or via our online store;
Seek customer support or contact us;
Or otherwise share information with us.
1.2 Automated Information:
When you interact with our Services, we automatically gather:
Device-related data: make, model, operating system, language, timezone, applications, and IP address;
Usage details for our Services;
Location details based on your IP Address;
Device advertising IDs;
Cookies (Note: disabling cookies might affect the functionality of our Services);
And more.
1.3 Third-party Information:
Occasionally, we might collect data from third parties like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, or Google. This happens when:
You make purchases via stores like the App Store or Google Play Store;
You connect our Services through social media accounts;
Or use in-app features such as the Game Center.
2. How We Utilize Your InformationWe use your personal data to:Allow gameplay;
Collaborate with partners and vendors;
Support, enhance, and innovate our games;
Market our games across various channels;
Deliver personalized advertisements;
Conduct our analytics;
And sometimes combine data from different sources for richer insights.
Sharing Your Personal Data
We may share your data:For advertising purposes;
To gain a better understanding of our users;
With partners that facilitate our business operations;
With other game developers and advertising partners;
And with social media platforms when you access them through our games.
2.1 Disclosure of InformationWe may disclose your personal data when:Legally mandated or when law enforcement agencies require it;
Sharing with our business partners becomes necessary for service delivery;
And to prevent grave emergencies or criminal activities.
2.2 Minors’ PrivacyOur Child Safe Apps initiative guarantees no advertising, data collection, or in-app purchases.Parents and guardians should supervise their child's use of our Services, especially if they're not labeled as Child Safe Apps. Please ensure in-app purchases are disabled on your devices.We refrain from intentionally collecting data from children below 13 without parental or guardian consent. If you notice any inadvertent data collection, please notify us immediately.2.3 Apple ArcadeFor games included in the Apple Arcade:No advertisements or in-app purchases are present.
Game progress and data are stored on iCloud by Apple. Opt-out by adjusting iCloud settings for our game.
Scores and achievements are stored by Apple if you use Apple Game Center. We do not access this data.
When you engage with our Services, you might also utilize third-party services, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center. Fluffy Squid Studio does not oversee their interactions with you. Before sharing any personal data with these third parties, please ensure you are in agreement with their terms of use and privacy policies. You recognize and accept that Fluffy Squid Studio is not responsible for the manner in which third-party services handle the information you furnish to them.
We advise you to exercise caution in safeguarding your personal information when using third-party platforms.Fluffy Squid Studio also collaborates with particular business associates, such as fellow game developers and advertising agencies, leading to shared information acquired from you through these affiliations.A few of our business partners are situated outside of Australia. Presented below is a selection of business partners with whom we consistently share user details and usage data:* AdColony. Located in United States.
* Admob (Google). Located in United States.
* AppLovin. Located in United States.
* Campaign Monitor. Based in Australia with servers in United States.
* Chartboost. Located in United States.
* Facebook. Located in United States.
* Helpshift. Located in United States.
* HyprMX. Located in United States.
* ironSource. Located in Israel.
* OneTrust. Located in United States.
* UnityAds. Headquartered in the United States with offices throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.
* Upsight. Located in United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
Vungle. Located in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China.
On occasion, we may utilize your data to inform you about our Services and latest developments, like forthcoming game releases, events, or merchandise. Should you wish not to receive these updates, you have the option to opt-out.
2.5.2 In-app Purchase
Certain games of ours feature in-app purchases. These in-app purchases can range from items available for purchase (with actual or in-game currency) to other supplemental functionalities. If in-app purchases are not to your liking, kindly refrain from using these fee-based features and consider deactivating in-app purchases on your device.
2.5.3 Advertising ID
Comprehending our players is pivotal for creating games that resonate with our audience. An advertising ID is a distinctive ID that offers enhanced user control and equips developers with a streamlined, standardized method to continue monetizing their apps while ensuring consumers receive relevant advertisements. The assimilation of your advertising ID aids us in understanding your preferences and in customizing your experience accordingly.
Apple iOS:
You may reset your device’s Advertising Identifier, which will result in your device being disassociated from ad targeting profiles based on the Advertising Identifier in effect prior to reset. You can do this by clicking on Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising -> Reset Advertising Identifier.
Google Android:
You can reset your advertising ID by clicking the menu icon to display the apps list, then find and select the Google Settings icon, then find and select "Ads" and selecting "Reset advertising ID".
2.5.4 Opting-out
Methods to withdraw from our Services:
If we send you an email, there will be an unsubscribe link;
If we post updates via Facebook you can 'unlike' our page and you will no longer get updates;
If you receive one of our 'tweets' you can stop following us on Twitter; or
If we use another type of social media you can opt-out using that service.
For assistance with opting-out, please reach out to hello@fluffysquid.com.2.6 STORAGE, SECURITY & DATA RETENTIONInformation is housed on servers located in Australia, the United States, Singapore, and Germany.Fluffy Squid Studio employs an array of advanced security measures and protocols to safeguard your personal data from unauthorized access, utilization, or dissemination. To illustrate, the personal data you furnish is stored on computer systems with restricted access located in secure environments. Retention protocols vary based on the type of information and the respective game's lifecycle. We endeavor to erase or anonymize data that is no longer of relevance to us.2.7 ACCESS, CORRECTION & DELETIONFluffy Squid Studio is committed to maintaining accurate and current personal and platform data, which encompasses data that has been updated or deleted.You hold the right to request access to your personal data and platform data at any juncture. This can be done by forwarding a written application to our Privacy Officer via mail at Fluffy Squid Studio, Via Chiosi, Castelleone, Cremona 26012, Italia, by submitting an in-game support ticket, or by emailing hello@fluffysquid.com.In the event of changes to your details, please inform us to ensure our records remain updated. If you desire for us to deactivate the records we possess about you, kindly notify us. Once deactivated, your data will be inaccessible. It is essential to note that for EEA (European Economic Area) residents, data deletion requests can necessitate up to 30 days.ComplaintsIf you have concerns or complaints about your privacy, please contact us by:
Submitting a request through in-game support.
Sending a written request to our Privacy Officer at:
Fluffy Squid Studio
Castelleone, Italy
26012 Via Chiosi
Our Privacy Officer will reply to your complaint in a timely manner after receiving it, provided you include return contact details. If no return contact details are given, we will still consider the content of your complaint, but won't be able to respond.Updates to this Policy
We will update this Privacy Policy periodically. Any changes will become effective from the date they are posted on our website. Please check back frequently for updates.
DefinitionsAdvertising ID: A distinct ID generated for your device, allowing advertising companies to track activity to refine their in-game service. This is also termed Interest-Based Advertising. On some platforms, opting out of this feature is possible. It might also be possible to reset your advertising ID on your device.Analytics: The process of understanding and drawing conclusions from unidentified data to identify and interpret trends related to gameplay and app usage.Child Safe App: [Specify the app or apps that are child-friendly.]In-app purchase: A system within the game that lets users exchange real money for virtual items or in-game currency.IP Address (Internet Protocol Address): A unique sequence of numbers separated by periods or commas, identifying each computer using the Internet Protocol for communication across a network.Fluffy Squid Studio ("us"): Fluffy Squid Studio and its affiliates, assignees, licensees, successors in title, and subsidiaries.Services: Refers to services provided by us, including our games, websites, and related services.Storefront: An online platform for sales. While our primary collaborations are with major app stores, our games could be available on various platforms.Terms of Service: The set of rules and standards of conduct users must adhere to when using our service.Third-party services: Services rendered by a provider that isn't owned or controlled by Fluffy Squid Studio.We encourage open, honest, and vibrant discussions in a safe and comfortable online space. We review all comments and hold the right to remove any that are inappropriate, offensive, or non-compliant with our guidelines.For contributors to our online discussions, here are some guidelines:Be Accurate & Honest: Avoid posting misleading or false statements about us or our products. Share your experiences genuinely.Stay Positive: Offer feedback, both positive and negative, but always be factual.Avoid Obscenities: Refrain from posting materials that might offend based on various sensitive topics.
Use Common Sense: Monitor your language and be respectful of others.
Protect Personal Info: Don't post personal or sensitive details. For more on our privacy practices, reach out at hello@fluffysquid.com.Respect Intellectual Property: Always credit the original source and obtain necessary permissions.
Avoid Spam: No repetitive posts or unsolicited ads.
Stay Globally Aware: Remember that local posts can be viewed worldwide.If you have questions or require further clarification on any of the above points, you can email us at hello@fluffysquid.com